How to write a program to move files in application server to an archive folder

Many times after loading the file from the application server to BW targets, we need to move it in a separate folder such as archive folder to avoid  the same file being repeatedly processed. Also the archive folder will serve as a storage for history of all the files that were already loaded.This helps in referencing them at a later point in time if required.

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How to write infopackage program to pick up a certain file from the application server

We can write a program in the infopackage in BW to pick up a certain file based on its name from the application server and load it. This is required if there are multiple files in the same folder and only a certain file needs to be loaded out of those.

Suppose we have a scenario like this: Business uploads the files for multiple sales division in a folder in the application server –  /usr/SAP/DEV/Reports/target_sales.csv.

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