Steps to enhance LO Datasource in SAP ECC

Enhance LO standard business content data source with a field not present in the data source extract structure

Scenario 1:

The field to be added in the LO Data source is not present in the extract structure but it is available in the communication structure.


If the field to be added is available in the communication structure, no need to enhance the data source in such cases. You simply have to add that field from the communication structure into the extract structure. Continue reading →

How to create tables in SAP system-II

Creation of Transaction data table with variable currencies and units of measure

Method: Top down approach


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How to create tables in SAP System-I

There are three ways to create a table in SAP-

  1. Using Built in type or pre-defined type
  2. Using top-down approach (Table, Table properties, fields, data elements, domains, check fields, currency fields, technical settings,…)
  3. Using bottom-up approach (data, domains, data elements, table, table properties, fields with data element assignments, technical settings)

Creation of table:

Master data table creation using built-in type/pre-defined type-

Structure of the table

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