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Generic Datasource extraction in BW from Master Data table in ECC

Generic Datasources / Extractors¬† – Cross Application (RSO2, SBIW) Master data / Attributes extraction/ acquisition from SAP R/3 ECC (OLTP) to SAP BI (OLAP) using generic data sources – cross application Eg. 1. Using a Database table T-codes: SBIW, RSO2, SE11, SE16, RSA3, RSA7, RSA11, RSA13, RSA14, RSD1, RSDS, RSMO, RSMON, LISTCUBE, RSPC, RSPC1, RSPCM…

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How to create tables in SAP System-I

There are three ways to create a table in SAP- Using Built in type or pre-defined type Using top-down approach (Table, Table properties, fields, data elements, domains, check fields, currency fields, technical settings,…) Using bottom-up approach (data, domains, data elements, table, table properties, fields with data element assignments, technical settings) Creation of table: Master data…

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