Data Insights in BODS– Information Steward

Data Insight is used to do the DHA (Data Health Assessment) on the data i.e. to see if the data is good to use. You use the tool data Insight to do a test / profiling on the data before we use the data for the ETL process. You can also say that Insight is used to do data investigation. It automates the analysis and monitors the data.

Using Data Insight we can perform the following tasks-

  • Data Profiling
  • Column query
  • Integrity test and Custom query
  • Scheduling
  • Creating  trend reports
  • Sampling reports

Getting Started

Creating Connection

Navigation to data Insight

Note:- First you need to start the Data insight Engine before you use the Data Insight tool.

To start the Data Insight Engine, follow the below navigation-

Start – Program Files – SAP Information Steward – Information Steward

This opens a web based tool.


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