Transport failed with RC=12 error


Sometimes while transporting changes from Dev to Quality system or from Quality to Production system, the TR fails with RC 12 error. This is a critical error which does not depend on the contents of the TR. There may be many scenarios leading to this error, I have mentioned one of them in my earlier post, this post is about one more such cases where I encountered this error-

Root Cause Analysis-

In this case, there was table space issue in the quality system and hence while transporting the changes, incomplete objects were transported resulting in a dump in the quality system and TR failing with RC=12 error-

Below is the screenshot of the error that we got in the TR-

rc12 error 3

Below is the screen shot of the dump which we were getting in the quality system-

rc12 error1

rc12 error2


We asked basis team to check the tablespace in the quality system. They extended the tablespace of the table mentioned in the error log/ short dump. The TR was then moved successfully.

Hope this helps..

How to resolve the transport errors RC 12 and RC 8 in a specific scenario


When transporting objects from Development to Test Servers, the transport gets cancelled (RC=12) or ends with errors (RC=8) with the following messages-

If transporting BEx objects like query elements: error message:
  • Invalid Objects: ‘After Import’ terminated (see long text). Error Current imported l_th_trkorr_import_all has 2 (lines) in TP command fatal error
  • Error (000) in TP command Returncode of trkorr trkorr_no_1
  • Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for ELEM L
  • The errors affect the following components: BW-WHM-MTD (Metadata Repository)
  • Error activating element

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