How to give conditions in a BEx query designer

The query designer formulas sometimes involve if then else kind of conditions or case statement type of logic. These type of logic can be easily given in the query designer, however the procedure is little tricky as you cannot Continue reading →

Currency Conversion from Local Currency to USD in BW

While loading the data from source to SAP BW system, the amount can be in local currency. If the user wants to see those amounts in USD in the BI reports, you can do the currency conversion either in the Continue reading →

Use of TVARVC table in BW customer exit variable

The TVARVC table serves very handy when we have to do a dynamic selection in BEx queries based on some condition which can change in future.

Usually we write customer exit variable in the query which is filled when the query is being executed.

This customer exit variable can take up any value depending upon the user requirement like Continue reading →