What is Material Master Data report in BW/BI?

The companies mainly in the manufacturing business require to see the material master data of their inventory stock after the sales and delivery is done for a period.

These reports mainly show the details of a material produced by the company like Continue reading →

When to use Navigational Attribute in SAP BW

Navigational attributes are discussed a lot of times in BW. They have an advantage as these attributes can be used for navigation in a query. However there are lot many more advantages of navigational attributes. I will discuss today one such scenario where navigational attributes has saved a week’s time. Continue reading →

ABAP routine for calculating AR buckets using master data look up

In Account receivables, there is a due date on which the outstanding amount has to be paid by the customer.

If the due date is passed and the customer has still not paid, the amount becomes overdue and bucket calculation starts Continue reading →