Joins and Lookup in SAP Data Services

This post discusses on join conditions and look up in Data Services.

Populating the Sales Fact Table from Multiple Relational Tables

The exercise joins data from two source tables and loads it into an output table. Data Services features introduced in this exercise are:

• Using the query transform FROM clause to perform joins
• Adding columns to an output table
• Mapping column values using Data Services functions
• Using metadata reports to view the sources for target tables and columns

In this exercise, you will:

• Populate the SalesFact table from two source tables:
• Table SalesItem – columns Cust_ID and Order_Date
• SalesOrder – columns Sales_Order_Number, Sales_Line_Item_ID, Mtrl_ID, and Price.
• Use the FROM clause in the Query transform to join the two source tables and add a filter to bring a subset of sales orders to the target.

Populating the Sales Fact Table from Multiple Relational Tables
• Use the LOOKUP_EXT() function to obtain the value for the Ord_status column from the Delivery source table rather than from the SalesOrder table.
• Use metadata reports to view:

• Names of the source tables that populate the target SalesFact table
• Names of source columns that populate the target columns

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