New Ebook – SAP BODS Step by Step

Hi dear readers,

The ebook, SAP BODS step by step is now available on Amazon at just $6.99.

The book is invaluable for hands on experience and quick update of your skills to SAP Data Services.

SAP BODS is basically and ETL tool but has many more advantages over SAP BW. However, it still cannot replace SAP Standard BI extractors.

You will find BODS to be like a tool to extract and transfer records between two databases. Learning simple SQL for RDBMS will make it easy for you to understand BODS.

Here is the link for the Kindle ebook in US Amazon market, you can also get it in your local Amazon

Below is the link to buy the paperback version-

Key Generation in BODS


To generate artificial keys in Data Integrator,  you can use either Key_Generation Transform or Key_Generation Function. It fetches max. existing key value from the table and uses it as a starting value. Based on this start key, transform/function increments the key value for each row. Continue reading “Key Generation in BODS”

Reverse Pivot in BODS

Reverse Pivot Transform in BODS:

This transform converts rows into columns. It will group the dataset of different rows into a single row with different columns. Observe the icon, it says that will convert rows to column. Continue reading “Reverse Pivot in BODS”