ABAP in BW Data load Processes

Learn step by step approach of writing start routine, field routine and end routine in BW transformations.

Learn about ABAP routine filters in DTP and info packages and use of OLAP variables as Filters.

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How to write infopackage program to pick up a certain file from the application server

We can write a program in the infopackage in BW to pick up a certain file based on its name from the application server and load it. This is required if there are multiple files in the same folder and only a certain file needs to be loaded out of those.

Suppose we have a scenario like this: Business uploads the files for multiple sales division in a folder in the application server –  /usr/SAP/DEV/Reports/target_sales.csv.

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How to look up a custom table in the transformation

This post describes the procedure to look up a custom table in bw transformation. The business scenario can be calculation of certain key figures based on the entries in the table.

This table can be custom table i.e. created by the user or any standard table too.

The first step for doing a look up is to store all the table entries or selected table entries in a global internal table. Continue reading →