BW Development Standards Part 9: Process chain Standards and Guidelines

This post describes standards for building process chains in SAP BW at any generic development project. 

Process Chain Names & Attributes Standards:

Process chain technical names should begin with Z or as per your client naming conventions. 


Descriptions for meta chains (parent process chains that execute sub-­chains) should include “Meta” or “Parent.”

 Display Groupings:


  1. Never leave a process chain under the default, “Not Assigned,” Display Grouping. Use the Display Components toolbar button ( ) to assign new process chains to the appropriate display grouping.
  2. Refer your client’s SAP BW Naming Convention document for Display Grouping technical names



  1. If you have a large application composed of multiple logical subsystems, you may create multiple display groupings for your application. Doing so can help you organize your process chains by subsystem. Just make sure the name and description conform to the client standards.
  2. To ensure that you do not leave process chains abandoned under the “Not Assigned” display grouping, consider getting into the habit of assigning the display grouping immediately after you create the Start process for new process chains.


Process Chain Scheduling: Continue reading “BW Development Standards Part 9: Process chain Standards and Guidelines”

Process chain error due to # character in the file

While loading flat files on application server to BW targets via a process chain, the load to PSA may fail due to special characters in the file.

Thus the info package step itself will fail with Continue reading “Process chain error due to # character in the file”

DTP Error due to date in DD.MM.YYYY format

Many times while doing flat file load, the date in the csv file is given in the format DD.MM.YYYY. When this data is loaded to PSA, it will load without any error. But if we try to load this to further targets via DTP, it will throw invalid date error.

To solve this problem, editing date in the csv file prior to loading is not a practical solution as the file can be huge with many distinct values or there are large number of such files.

Here you need to use a Continue reading “DTP Error due to date in DD.MM.YYYY format”