SAP BW Back-End Usage Standards and Guidelines

Write ­Optimized DataStore Objects

Consider the following important facts in mind before you choose to use a Write Optimized DataStore Object:

  1. The primary unique key to a WODS Object consists of Request ID, Data Packet ID, and Record Number. The system does not use the semantic key as the primary, unique key to the data. This means that each time you load a particular semantic key into a WODS Object, you get a new, unique record.
  2. Write ­Optimized DataStore Objects do not aggregate data. If you extract and load two records with the same logical key (or extract and load the same record twice,) both records appear in the WODS Object.
  3. No delta detection or extraction function exists for WODS Objects. When forwarding data to subsequent data targets, the system will forward the requests (loads) that have not yet moved to those targets. Note, however, that this can result in duplicate rows going to the subsequent target.

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DTP Performance Improvement: Semantic Groups

Semantic groups can be set in DTP in the extraction tab. These are the fields from the source which are available for selection as semantic keys.


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DTP Error due to date in DD.MM.YYYY format

Many times while doing flat file load, the date in the csv file is given in the format DD.MM.YYYY. When this data is loaded to PSA, it will load without any error. But if we try to load this to further targets via DTP, it will throw invalid date error.

To solve this problem, editing date in the csv file prior to loading is not a practical solution as the file can be huge with many distinct values or there are large number of such files.

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Dynamic time selection in DTP

In BW modeling in DTP, many times you have to give a filter where you need to select current calendar month or current fiscal month dynamically while loading the data.

Case 1: Filter based on current calendar month

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