Webi 4.0 Introduction

Webi is a reporting tool used extensively now to report on data coming from BW or directly reporting on HANA/ECC data.

Webi is not restricted to BI developers and can be used by business user to format and analyze data in a suitable way.

SAP acquired Business Objects tool in 2008 and renamed it as BO XI 3.1

At the end of 2011, BO XI 4.0 version was released.

These notes will discuss about versions 3.1 and 4.0 as there are lot of migration projects going on from 3.1 and 4.0 and around 70% of the business users are still using 3.1 version.

Component wise BO Architecture

Repository and database

Once you install BO in your machine, it will create a repository. This repository is sitting on a database. It can be oracle, sap bw, CSV file or XML which will act as source of data or a data warehouse.

All the universe, table structure, Bex queries structure etc. will be stored in the repository.


CCM stands for ‘Central Configuration Manager’. This is a tool where you can start/stop server, configure an new server etc. Continue reading “Webi 4.0 Introduction”