Steps to enhance LO Datasource in SAP ECC

Enhance LO standard business content data source with a field not present in the data source extract structure

Scenario 1:

The field to be added in the LO Data source is not present in the extract structure but it is available in the communication structure.


If the field to be added is available in the communication structure, no need to enhance the data source in such cases. You simply have to add that field from the communication structure into the extract structure. Continue reading →

Steps to enhance Datasource in SAP ECC

Below is a sample scenario to enhance the extract structure of a standard Data source. The procedure is same for custom data source. However, the procedure is slightly different for enhancing the LO extractors.

Enhancing a data source structure signifies that you want to add an extra field to the data source which is not present in the extract structure. For this you need to add this field in the extract structure and then write a logic to populate this field in tcode CMOD. The extractor then can be checked in tcode RSA3. Continue reading →

Use of TVARVC table in BW customer exit variable

The TVARVC table serves very handy when we have to do a dynamic selection in BEx queries based on some condition which can change in future.

Usually we write customer exit variable in the query which is filled when the query is being executed.

This customer exit variable can take up any value depending upon the user requirement like Continue reading →