BW Development Standards

The ebook details on Standards and Guidelines for BW implementation projects.

This ebook includes following topics which are very helpful for a BW Developer-

BW Development Standards Part 1: Architecture – BW System architecture, generic guidelines

BW Development Standards Part 2: LSA – LSA and LSA++ Differences, Referential Integrity, Data Acquisition layer, Business Transformation Layer and Reporting Layer

BW Development Standards Part 3: Data Modeling in Multiproviders and Infocubes – Fact table design, master data design, navigational attributes, modeling guidelines for attributes and hierarchies, design choices and their performance effects

BW Development Standards Part 4: Master data modeling – Options for modeling attributes

BW Development Standards Part 5: Transports – General Transport guidelines, object grouping and sequencing, collecting objects, changing and transporting Infoproviders, handling transport errors
BW Development Standards Part 6: BW Accelerator (BWA) – How BIA effects query processing, BI accelerator standards, adding new data to BIA index via process chain, Implications to InfoCube Management of Using the BI Accelerator

BW Development Standards Part 7: Reporting Guidelines – Querying, Report Template, Report Elements (SAP Business Explorer Elements), Reporting Authorizations

SAP BW Front­End Usage Standards and Guidelines РChart Designer in Web App Designer, Nested Web Templates (Web Template Web Item), Adhoc Query Designer, Mass Maintenance of Web Templates

BW Development Standards Part 8: Data Extraction Technology

BW Development Standards Part 9: Process chain Standards and Guidelines

BW Development Standards Part 10: Flat File Management Guidelines

Designing and Building Secondary Indexes on DataStore Objects

BW Data Retention / Archival and Space Management Guidelines

SAP BW Back-End Usage Standards and Guidelines РWrite ­Optimized DataStore Objects

SAP BI Business Content

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