ABAP Dataflow & Transports in BODS

This  post introduces the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services objects for extracting data from SAP application sources:

  •  SAP Applications datastores
  •  ABAP data flows
  •  transports


The procedures in this section require that the software has the ability to connect to an SAP server.
The sample tables provided with Data Services that are used in these procedures do not work with all versions of SAP because the structure of standard SAP tables varies in different versions.

Defining an SAP Applications datastore

1. In the local object library, click the Datastores tab.
2. Right-click inside the blank space and click New.
The “Datastore Editor” dialog box opens.
3. In the Datastore name field, type SAP_DS.

This name identifies the database connection inside the software.
4. In the Datastore type list, click SAP Applications to specify the datastore connection path to the database.
5. In the Application server field, type the name of the remote SAP Applications computer (host) to which Data Services connects.
6. Enter the user name and password for the SAP applications Server.
7. Click OK.
Data Services saves your SAP application database connection to the metadata repository.

To import metadata for individual SAP application source tables

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