SAP BODS Step by Step

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This book is brief information on how to use SAP Data Services Designer for a beginner who want to get hands on in the tool and get used to it. A BW consultant with BODS knowledge is an invaluable asset for the company. Today, there are openings asking for multiple skills and this book helps a BW developer to get used to the new tool and its functionality.

BODS is mainly an ETL tool which does lot of things in a simple way which might be very complicated in a BW scenario. It is a tool mainly to transfer data from one database to another transforming it in the way. Thus, it adds flexibility by connecting various forms of source and targets and also utilizing SQL transformation to play with the data.

Author has also included important short notes from sap help document which will bring more clarity and makes it easier to learn complicated concepts like CDC and multiuser development in BODS.

The book includes screenshots of the SAP software which are copyright of SAP AG.

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Essential guide for an ETL Developer


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