SAP Data Services Designer tool

This post gives you a short overview of the Data Services product and terminology.

Data Services Components

The following diagram illustrates Data Services product components and relationships-

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Key Generation in BODS


To generate artificial keys in Data Integrator,  you can use either Key_Generation Transform or Key_Generation Function. It fetches max. existing key value from the table and uses it as a starting value. Based on this start key, transform/function increments the key value for each row. Continue reading “Key Generation in BODS”

Row Generation in BODS

The Row_Generation transformation is represented by the above symbol.

Definition:-  Row generation produces a data set with a single column. The column values start with the number that you set in the option “Row number starts”. The value then increments by 1 to a specified number of rows. Continue reading “Row Generation in BODS”

Case and Merge Transformations in BODS

Case Transformation is used to break a single set of data into multiple sets using a condition.

For example in a spread sheet there is data for Employee Name and Region ID. Using Case and Merge transformation, you can break the Data (Single set of Data) in to multiple sets based on the region ID and store them in separate tables. You can again merge the data from all these tables in to a single permanent table using the Merge transformation. Continue reading “Case and Merge Transformations in BODS”