Row Generation in BODS

The Row_Generation transformation is represented by the above symbol.

Definition:-  Row generation produces a data set with a single column. The column values start with the number that you set in the option “Row number starts”. The value then increments by 1 to a specified number of rows. Continue reading “Row Generation in BODS”

Case and Merge Transformations in BODS

Case Transformation is used to break a single set of data into multiple sets using a condition.

For example in a spread sheet there is data for Employee Name and Region ID. Using Case and Merge transformation, you can break the Data (Single set of Data) in to multiple sets based on the region ID and store them in separate tables. You can again merge the data from all these tables in to a single permanent table using the Merge transformation. Continue reading “Case and Merge Transformations in BODS”

How to transport an Export Datasource

An export datasource is created when you want to use an info provider to load data to another targets which may reside in the same system or different system. An export datasource is created by default for a DSO. But its not the case for cubes. Below I will discuss one such scenario where I created and transported an export datasource.


You want to load data from cube in one system to a cube in another system. Let’s say that the source system is a SAP BW system with id SRD and target system is another BW system with system id TGD

SRD – SRT – SRP (Source system landscape)
TGD – TGT – TGP (Target system landscape)

Now there is a cube in SRD system which has data. This data needs to be get loaded to a cube in TGD system based on certain filters and conditions. And this has to finally move to the production systems (SRP and TGP)

The way to do this is first to request for a TR (transport request) in both SRD and TGD systems.


Continue reading “How to transport an Export Datasource”

Transport failed with RC=12 error


Sometimes while transporting changes from Dev to Quality system or from Quality to Production system, the TR fails with RC 12 error. This is a critical error which does not depend on the contents of the TR. There may be many scenarios leading to this error, I have mentioned one of them in my earlier post, this post is about one more such cases where I encountered this error-

Root Cause Analysis-

In this case, there was table space issue in the quality system and hence while transporting the changes, incomplete objects were transported resulting in a dump in the quality system and TR failing with RC=12 error-

Below is the screenshot of the error that we got in the TR-

rc12 error 3

Below is the screen shot of the dump which we were getting in the quality system-

rc12 error1

rc12 error2


We asked basis team to check the tablespace in the quality system. They extended the tablespace of the table mentioned in the error log/ short dump. The TR was then moved successfully.

Hope this helps..

Validation Transformations in BODS

Transformations are there in BW to change the data based on some logic. These are also there in ETL tool like BODS. These can be used to apply any business rules or cleanse and format the data from source to target.


Query transformation is used to validate the data. There are three types of validation that can occur-Lookup, Format and Mandatory validation. Continue reading “Validation Transformations in BODS”