What is PGI in SAP SD

PGI stands for Post goods issue in SAP SD. Whenever goods are issued to the customer, system does the following:

1. Updates stock in warehouse (MM data)

2. decreases the volume of stock (MM data)

3. Increases the goods sold (Sales data)

4. Updates the G/L account (FI data)

PGI process is basically carried out after picking and packing of the material for delivery.

i.e. PGI process is triggered after the delivery document is generated.

What is ATP qty in SAP SD

When you create an order for a customer, in the sales order overview screen, you can see Confirmed qty and ATP qty.

ATP is “Available to Promise” qty which is derived from the Availability check done by the system in MM stocks.

This is updated when you save the order.

After this check, the confirmed qty is also updated in the order.

The availability check ensures that the ATP qty is never zero.

Steps to reproduce:

Go to order history of the customer, double click on an order and see the confirmed qty and ATP values.

or go to VA03 and display a sales order. Check the values in both type of quantities.


Whenever ATP approaches 0, the system displays a pop up as soon as we enter material and qty while creating a sales order. These settings are customization in SPRO.

The stock qty need to be updated in MM02 so that the order can be saved and processed.