SAP Netweaver BI Accelerator



BI Accelerator is a separate server which runs on TREX (Text Retrieval Extraction). The BI-Accelerator is a an addition to SAP BW 7 version and is now becoming obsolete with the advent of HANA.

BIA serves the purpose of putting some of the data in the memory whereas HANA puts all the data in memory.

Many companies have opted for BIA when it was launched and it has given impressive performance with typical improvement factors between 10 and 100.

Long running Sales/AR/Finance queries have improved drastically when the cubes on which they are based are indexed on BIA. Continue reading →

When to use Navigational Attribute in SAP BW

Navigational attributes are discussed a lot of times in BW. They have an advantage as these attributes can be used for navigation in a query. However there are lot many more advantages of navigational attributes. I will discuss today one such scenario where navigational attributes has saved a week’s time. Continue reading →

DTP Performance Improvement: Semantic Groups

Semantic groups can be set in DTP in the extraction tab. These are the fields from the source which are available for selection as semantic keys.


The BW system while doing the loads will Continue reading →