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SAP Netweaver BI Accelerator

Tcodes: RSDDV, RSADMIN BI Accelerator is a separate server which runs on TREX (Text Retrieval Extraction). The BI-Accelerator is a an addition to SAP BW 7 version and is now becoming obsolete with the advent of HANA. BIA serves the purpose of putting some of the data in the memory whereas HANA puts all the…

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How to resolve the transport errors RC 12 and RC 8 in a specific scenario

Issue: When transporting objects from Development to Test Servers, the transport gets cancelled (RC=12) or ends with errors (RC=8) with the following messages- If transporting BEx objects like query elements: error message: Invalid Objects: ‘After Import’ terminated (see long text). Error Current imported l_th_trkorr_import_all has 2 (lines) in TP command fatal error Error (000) in…

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