New Ebook – SAP BODS Step by Step

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The ebook, SAP BODS step by step is now available on Amazon at just $6.99.

The book is invaluable for hands on experience and quick update of your skills to SAP Data Services.

SAP BODS is basically and ETL tool but has many more advantages over SAP BW. However, it still cannot replace SAP Standard BI extractors.

You will find BODS to be like a tool to extract and transfer records between two databases. Learning simple SQL for RDBMS will make it easy for you to understand BODS.

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ABAP in BW Data load Processes

Learn step by step approach of writing start routine, field routine and end routine in BW transformations.

Learn about ABAP routine filters in DTP and info packages and use of OLAP variables as Filters.

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BW Development Standards

The ebook details on Standards and Guidelines for BW implementation projects.

This ebook includes following topics which are very helpful for a BW Developer-

BW Development Standards Part 1: Architecture – BW System architecture, generic guidelines

BW Development Standards Part 2: LSA – LSA and LSA++ Differences, Referential Integrity, Data Acquisition layer, Business Transformation Layer and Reporting Layer

BW Development Standards Part 3: Data Modeling in Multiproviders and Infocubes – Fact table design, master data design, navigational attributes, modeling guidelines for attributes and hierarchies, design choices and their performance effects

BW Development Standards Part 4: Master data modeling – Options for modeling attributes

BW Development Standards Part 5: Transports – General Transport guidelines, object grouping and sequencing, collecting objects, changing and transporting Infoproviders, handling transport errors
BW Development Standards Part 6: BW Accelerator (BWA) – How BIA effects query processing, BI accelerator standards, adding new data to BIA index via process chain, Implications to InfoCube Management of Using the BI Accelerator

BW Development Standards Part 7: Reporting Guidelines – Querying, Report Template, Report Elements (SAP Business Explorer Elements), Reporting Authorizations

SAP BW Front­End Usage Standards and Guidelines – Chart Designer in Web App Designer, Nested Web Templates (Web Template Web Item), Adhoc Query Designer, Mass Maintenance of Web Templates

BW Development Standards Part 8: Data Extraction Technology

BW Development Standards Part 9: Process chain Standards and Guidelines

BW Development Standards Part 10: Flat File Management Guidelines

Designing and Building Secondary Indexes on DataStore Objects

BW Data Retention / Archival and Space Management Guidelines

SAP BW Back-End Usage Standards and Guidelines – Write ­Optimized DataStore Objects

SAP BI Business Content

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How2BW series ebooks

How2BW series ebooks are unique in their own way, as these contain crisp information needed for a BW Developer rather than being like long boring textbooks.

These books have illustrative examples along with screen shots and code snippets. You can go through the samples and see the table of contents for getting an insight of the content it contains.

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SAP BW Development Standards

BEx Variable Enhancement by Customer Exit

ABAP in SAP BW Data Load Processes

Data Source Enhancement in SAP BW

SAP BODS Step by Step