Merge Transform in SAP BODS


Merge Transform is used to merge rows from multiple tables. The only condition for the Merge transform to work is that the structure of the source tables should be same.

This is exact opposite of what we do in Case Transform. But we cannot provide any condition in Merge.

Login to your data services. Create a new Project, call it as ‘Merge_Transform’.

Create Job, workflow and dataflow.

We have created some tables in the Case transform, we will use the same tables to merge the data.

Import the target template tables from your case transform:

source tables.PNG


Make them as source in your dataflow for Merge transform. Add the Merge transform. Connect the source and transform and add a template table as a target table.



You can observe that only the columns that are common are coming in the output schema of the merge transform:


Execute the job and observe the entries in the target table:


If you need to order your data, you can add another query transform after the Merge transform and order your data.

Please note: If the structures are not same, only the common columns will be merged.

Refer the ebook to see more details and examples on this:

New Ebook – SAP BODS Step by Step

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