Date Generation transform in BODS

This is very useful transform for creating Time dimension tables. It generates dates incremented as you specify.


  • Start date : Start date range starts from 1900.01.01
  • End date: The date range ends with 9999.12.31. Instead of selecting values you can pass variables also.
  • Increment: You can specify date interval between the sequences. You can increment it as daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Join rank: While constructing the join, sources will be joined based on their ranks.
  • Cache: The dataset will be cached in memory to be used in later transforms.


  • Drag the date_generation transform from the object library on to the workspace, connect it to a query transform and then to your target object-

  • Now open the date_generation transform and mention values-

  • Now in the query transform, apply some functions like month (), year (), quarter (), day_in_month (), week_in_year () etc to be shown as output-

  • the data flow is completed now,  you can save and execute the data flow. View the data-