Transformation not getting deleted in RSA1

Recently I came across a scenario where I was not able to delete an inactive transformation while doing development.

I created dso and loaded the data. Then I observed that the dso should have different infoobjects. In order to correct the dso, I deleted the data first. Then I added the new info objects and activated the dso.

The dso was activated successfully. However, the transformation and dtp became inactive. I deleted the dtp successfully.

I went to edit the transformation and it showed warnings like – rule is invalid. I pressed continue and after couple of warnings, I got a dump as shown below-

dump_offset too large

Then I tried to right click and delete the transformation. The system showed the message ‘successfully deleted’ but still I can see the inactive transformation in the data flow even after refreshing or re-login.

I checked by creating a new transformation for the dso for the same source, and the BW system didn’t allowed me to do so saying that the old transformation still exists even after my repeated attempts to delete it.

Finally, I went to se16 in the table ‘RSTRAN‘. There I gave the transformation id and it showed me 2 entries for the A and M version of the transformation. I deleted both of the entries in se16.

In rsa1, I refreshed the data flow and the transformation was gone.

Hope this post helps.

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