Process Chain Monitoring – Useful Programs and tables

Useful for monitoring purposes for the support team-


Programs: Go to tcode SE38, enter the program name as RSPC* and press F4.

Observe the list of programs that appear:

  • RSPC_CCMS – Start of BW CCMS monitor
  • RSPC_CHAIN_RESTART – Restart process chain run (Caution!)
  • RSPC_DISPLAY_JOBS – Display of Jobs with display of program parameters
  • RSPC_LOG_DELETE – Deletion of process chain logs and assigned process logs
  • RSPC_LOG_SHOW – Display of log for a process
  • RSPC_MAINTAIN – Process Chain maintenance
  • RSPC_MAINTAIN_SINGLE – Process chain maintenance (one chain)
  • RSPC_MAINTAIN_SINGLE_NOLOG – Process chain maintenance using a type  and  variant
  • RSPC_DEMO_CREATE_CHAIN_BY_PROGRAM – Demo: Creating a process chain per program without user interaction
  • RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH – Report end of a process

Tables: Go to tcode SE11 and in the database table, type RSPC*. Press F4.

RSPC_MONITOR                   Monitor individual process chains
RSPCCHAIN                             Process chain
RSPCCHAIN_SKIP                 Skipped processes
RSPCCHAINATTR                  Attributes for a Process Chain
RSPCCHAINT                            Texts for Chain
RSPCINSTANCE                     Generic Instance Storage
RSPCKILL                                Runs to be Terminated
RSPCLOGCHAIN                   Cross-Table Log ID / Chain ID
RSPCPROCESSLOG                 Logs for the Chain Runs
RSPCTRIGGER                    Variants for the Trigger Processes

Sample Scenario: Stop the running step of a process chain


Right click on the running step and go to ‘Displaying messages’


Select ‘Batch Monitor’ button in the below right corner in the ‘Backg’ tab-


In the job overview screen that opens, select the job and press ‘Stop’ button.


Press F3 and go back to the Process chain log, refresh. The step should be red in status. If the step is still yellow and running, go to the batch monitor again and double click on the job. Click on job details button.


Note the Executing server and the PID number:


Go to  tcode SM51 and double click on the executing server, search for your PID, select it and from the top menu, select ‘Cancel without Core’


Now go back to the process chain log screen and refresh it, you can observe that now the running step is in red status and has stopped the PC.

Now, you can skip this step if required or turn it to green status forcefully. Skipping the step is easy if you are in SAP BW version 7.3 and above as you just have to right click on the failed step and select ‘Skip’


In order to make the failed step in green status, go to se38 and run the program ‘RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH’

Give the details of the chain like Log ID and Chain name (this can be taken from the process chain log screen itself)


Other details can be taken from the table ‘RSPCPROCESSLOG’

Go to se16 and enter the table name as RSPCPROCESSLOG. Give the log id noted earlier.


Execute and note the details of your failed step, here in this example, the failed step in the process chain is Infopackage,  hence the ‘Process type’ is ‘LOADING’

Note the details like Process variant name and Instance id.


Give these details in the program RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH screen, give the state as ‘G’ if you want to make the step as green-


Then select ‘Execute’ button. Go to the process chain log screen and click ‘Refresh’.

You can see that the failed step is now green and the PC is progressing.

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