Steps to enhance LO Datasource in SAP ECC

Enhance LO standard business content data source with a field not present in the data source extract structure

Scenario 1:

The field to be added in the LO Data source is not present in the extract structure but it is available in the communication structure.


If the field to be added is available in the communication structure, no need to enhance the data source in such cases. You simply have to add that field from the communication structure into the extract structure.

Step 1:

Go to the tcode RSA5 – Install your LO data source from the business content if you are going to use it for the first time


Step 2:

Delete the set up table by going to the tcode LBWG and giving the application number. (Here I have activated the Data source 2LIS_11_V_SCL, this belongs to 11 application)


To check the records in the set up table follow these steps-

  • Note the extract structure name of the datasource by clicking on its name in LBWE or by double clicking on it in RSA5 itself (e.g. MC11V_0SCL)
  • Go to SE11 and give the table name as SETUP (e.g. MC11V_0SCLSETUP)
  • Click on display and select table contents
  • Click on ‘number of entries’, it should show zero-


Step 3:

If delta queue of the data source is having certain number of records, load them to BW so that the delta queue is empty

Go to the tcode RSA7 and check the delta queue-


If the delta queue is holding some records, login to BW system and find the datasource in the ECC source system tree. Then start the delta infopackage to bring the records to BW.

Check to confirm that the delta queue is now empty in ECC tcode RSA7. If it still shows some records, run the delta infopackage once again in BW system.

Note: These steps are relevant if the update mode for datasource is set to ‘Direct Delta’. If the update mode is ‘Queued Delta’ or ‘Unserialized V3’, bring the records from extraction queue to Delta queue by running the program RMBWV311 or using job control in tcode LBWE and then run the delta infopackage in the BW system.



Step 4:

Lock the users in R3 or ECC system out of application 11 so that no new delta records are generated. You can choose to perform these activities in the business off timings to avoid any loss of business work.

Step 5:

Go to the tcode LBWE in ECC system and make your data source inactive.


 Step 6:

Click on ‘Maintenance’ and select the required field in the communication structure in the right side. Drop it in the extract structure to the left side.


Continue and continue with the TR and a package.

Now click on the data source name and deselect the check boxes ‘hide field’ and ‘field only known in customer exit’ for the newly added field in the extract structure-


Save the data source. Click on ‘Inactive’ button in LBWE to activate your data source.


Step 7:

Your data source is now enhanced with the new field. Fill the set up table by going to the tcode ‘OLI7BW’. Give a name of the run and a date and time in future and execute in background.


Monitor the job in SM37-


Once the job is finished, go to se11 and enter the setup table name for the data source and check if some entries are showing-


Step 8:

Check your data source in RSA3 to see if the newly added field is getting populated-


 Step 9:

Unlock the users from the ECC system. Delete the old initialization request in BW and run the init info package again. Then schedule the process chain having the delta DTP to pick up the delta records.

Scenario 2:

The field to be added in the LO Data source is not present in the extract structure and also not available in the communication structure

In this scenario, we have to enhance the communication structure by appending the field. This field needs to be added then to the extract structure in LBWE. After these steps, a logic need to be written in CMOD transaction in the appropriate function module in the include statement to populate the field with data.

More details on this scenario can be accessed in my ebook-

Datasource enhancement in SAP BW

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