How to resolve the transport errors RC 12 and RC 8 in a specific scenario


When transporting objects from Development to Test Servers, the transport gets cancelled (RC=12) or ends with errors (RC=8) with the following messages-

If transporting BEx objects like query elements: error message:
  • Invalid Objects: ‘After Import’ terminated (see long text). Error Current imported l_th_trkorr_import_all has 2 (lines) in TP command fatal error
  • Error (000) in TP command Returncode of trkorr trkorr_no_1
  • Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for ELEM L
  • The errors affect the following components: BW-WHM-MTD (Metadata Repository)
  • Error activating element



or the transport get cancelled with RC=12


If transporting DTPs and InfoObjects, RC=8 error- Object has not yet been imported successfully


If transporting InfoPackages, RC=8 error – ZPAKxxx was repaired in this system


Root Cause:

For all the above errors, the cause is these objects are earlier transported in Test system, and were changed in the test system itself and saved in a dummy TR in the test system. When we try to transport these objects again from development to test system, above errors are shown.

There may be other causes also for above errors like server and basis issues, but this post is about the cause where the objects being transported are already present in a different TR in the test system. Implying that, a user tried to change these objects in test system and saved them in a dummy TR in the same test system. This dummy transport request is created in the Test system itself.


Go to the test system tcode SE09, search for your objects. Delete the objects from the dummy TR.

Now if you try to re transport your objects from dev to test, the process will be completed without any errors.



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