Issue: Error in generating export datasource / DSO cannot be activated

After system copy of Production to development system, there are many issues related to Basis team. One of the issues is DSO not getting activated and throwing error while creating new ones or activating the already existing ones.

If this happens, contact basis team as it is a source system RFC issue. This happened in our case. You might get the same error in many other scenarios but here I am discussing the error due to source system RFC issue.

In every BW system, we have a self system. Suppose your BW system id is BWD100. This will be shown in the source system list.

When the issue comes, do not try to restore or activate any datasources in the self system. Immediately contact your basis team. This is especially important if the system is a client system and any changes in it can have all eyes on you. Restoring the source system has a system wide effect as the process tries to activate all the export datasources present in the source system.

Export datasource is like a backend object which is generated by default whenever you create any DSO. The name of the export datasource will be 8<your DSO technical name>.

In my case, when I checked the self source system by right clicking it, it had shown a green status. But still the issue was persistent.

When Basis team checked it by right clicking on the source system and selecting “Connection Parameter”, it was found that the target host was incorrect.

This was corrected and the issue was resolved.


Suddenly, DSOs cannot be activated in the system. Mostly after system refresh/copy.

Error message:



[should be done by basis team]

Go to RSA13, right click on the own system, selected “Connection Parameter”


Correct the host server name in the “Target Host” field




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