How to update exchange rates via process chain in BW

The exchange rate in the BW system may not be updated one. Also the business wants to see the amounts according to the exchange rates in the source. In such cases, you have to update the exchange rate in the BW system via process chain.

Include the step ‘Execute ABAP Program’ in the process chain.

Give the program name as ‘RSIMPCURR’. Create a variant for the program.

In the variant, give details like source system and the exchange rate type.


Select ‘Update Exchange rates’. Add these details in the process chain variant.

Leave other settings as default.

Caution: Always give the exchange rate type in the program variant. I have selected ‘M’ here in my screen shot. If you fail to give the same, the process chain will update all the exchange rates from source to target which will have a system wide effect.

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