How to update exchange rates via process chain in BW

The exchange rate in the BW system may not be updated one. Also the business wants to see the amounts according to the exchange rates in the source. In such cases, you have to update the exchange rate in the BW system via process chain.

Include the step ‘Execute ABAP Program’ in the process chain.

Give the program name as Continue reading →

Currency Conversion from Local Currency to USD in BW

While loading the data from source to SAP BW system, the amount can be in local currency. If the user wants to see those amounts in USD in the BI reports, you can do the currency conversion either in the Continue reading →

ABAP routine for calculating AR buckets using master data look up

In Account receivables, there is a due date on which the outstanding amount has to be paid by the customer.

If the due date is passed and the customer has still not paid, the amount becomes overdue and bucket calculation starts Continue reading →

DTP Performance Improvement: Semantic Groups

Semantic groups can be set in DTP in the extraction tab. These are the fields from the source which are available for selection as semantic keys.


The BW system while doing the loads will Continue reading →

Use of TVARVC table in BW customer exit variable

The TVARVC table serves very handy when we have to do a dynamic selection in BEx queries based on some condition which can change in future.

Usually we write customer exit variable in the query which is filled when the query is being executed.

This customer exit variable can take up any value depending upon the user requirement like Continue reading →

DTP Error due to date in DD.MM.YYYY format

Many times while doing flat file load, the date in the csv file is given in the format DD.MM.YYYY. When this data is loaded to PSA, it will load without any error. But if we try to load this to further targets via DTP, it will throw invalid date error.

To solve this problem, editing date in the csv file prior to loading is not a practical solution as the file can be huge with many distinct values or there are large number of such files.

Here you need to use a Continue reading →

Dynamic time selection in DTP

In BW modeling in DTP, many times you have to give a filter where you need to select current calendar month or current fiscal month dynamically while loading the data.

Case 1: Filter based on current calendar month

Here you assume that there is a source field having month value. Now you want to load only those records where Continue reading →